Guide organisations and managers through change processes

L&AD is your partner in change. During the past 20 years we gained expertise in accompanying organisations through change processes.

Why would a managing director or manager rely on professional assistance?

“We can handle it ourselves!” or “We just tell our people how to work from now on!” seems all too often no more than obvious.

About change

“Panta rhei” … everything flows, is constantly moving. Supposedly a quote from Heraclitus. It applies more than ever to our present day organisations. Changes succeed each other faster and faster. Sometimes they are very radical, (mergers, takeovers, restructuring, reorganisations, …) sometimes misleadingly innocent (new boss, new informatics, different ways of working, moving, teleworking, lean management,…).

We see that about 2/3 of the changes blatantly fail or at least require considerably more time than foreseen to reach the expected results. Although the direct and indirect economic cost – or social cost in the administration – cannot be calculated, it is probably huge.

The reason for this failure is almost always a flagrant neglect of the “Human Factor”. The impact on those who have to implement the change or are confronted with it, is grossly underestimated, even with seemingly minor changes.

L&AD ensures that your budgeted investment for the change is and remains under control.

How do we facilitate change?

As each and every organisation and change is different, we draft a tailor made project plan. We discuss it with you beforehand and check it regularly during the implementation. Please consult the page “approach” to learn more about it.

As L&AD only employs senior consultants, we work with all levels of your organisation, from the Board of Directors to the shop floor.

What’s the role of a leader in difficult circumstances?

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